Want water in a hurry? Get speedy delivery with 2-hour and same-day shipping

Want water in a hurry?  Get speedy delivery with 2-hour and same-day shipping

Since our launch all the way back in 2012, we've sought to deliver the highest quality products and service, becoming a delicious staple of the American market along the way. We are very proud to say our New Zealand artesian water can now be found in over 3,500 grocery and convenience stores across the country.  

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, back in March of 2020 we saw a change in shopping habits and the need to offer delivery services for 1907water. We quickly set up a store with Shopify and launched our very first direct-to-consumer channel. Now I'm sure we all faced challenges that year, both personally and within the companies we worked for, and 2021 was no better. We then saw supply chain interruptions, rising freight costs, and poor service being offered which only further cemented our desire to partner with a new delivery platform that would not only support our growth as a brand — but, most importantly — benefit our customers in a tangible way. 

That's where OHI comes in. Founded in 2019, Ohi’s focus to change e-commerce fulfillment from what was traditionally seen as a cost center for brands, into more of a growth engine, has been nothing short of revolutionary. They call it 'instant commerce' using smaller micro-fulfillment centers across a city instead of shipping from 1 hub. This means they can deliver items in as little as 30 minutes, having people on foot, scooter, bike, car, or truck. Not only is it super speedy delivery but they offer carbon-neutral shipping, which is important because every bit counts am I right? We here at 1907Water see sustainability as one of the very first of our core values, making sure we are packaging our water in the most sustainable options on the market and partnering with like-minded companies, making OHI the obvious choice. 

Ohi's multi-pronged approach has meant a win-win for the brands like us who work with them as well as the customers they serve. As we now live in an age where our IRL and digital worlds need to seamlessly coexist – we believe that offering more integrated delivery, up-to-the-minute tracking, and unique user experiences are key to our continued success. Selecting same-day shipping allows the customer to choose the day and 2hour window they want their package delivered. Say goodbye to finding a calling card on your doorstep or even worse someone stealing it if you're not home. For those on our subscription service, you too have the flexibility to change your regular shipments. Working late? Heading out of town? Change your delivery as needed from the comfort of your mobile phone with their SMS delivery updates. 

You would think this added service would come at a higher cost but no. We have maintained our standard $10 flat fee shipping rate and even better for all those who join our subscription service, we are offering your first order delivered FREE using promo code: OHI at checkout. Not only that but our subscription service offers 10% off all items on every orders so it really is the smarter choice. Shipping through OHI is available for our Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York customers.

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